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Important information to all participants

At a board meeting held on Monday , February 2nd. 2015 a motion was made by Suzanne Hoffman Perez and seconded by Craig Hardin that states: After 27 years of voluntarily serving players, parents and guardians of the East Naples, Golden Gate City, North Naples and Golden Gate Estates communities as a Non-Profit, Full-contact, Non-Traveling youth football program, the Naples Football League has voted unanimously to disband, effective immediately.

A league representative will go to all practice sites on Monday, February 2nd, to personally meet with anyone who has not reviewed this message on our website.  (Reminder that all practice and game schedules were tentative and that a coach call you prior to startup).

A FULL REFUND will be issued for registration fees taken in by the league after an audit of team rosters has been completed.  Refunds are estimated to be issued by February 15th, no later than the end of February.  If your address has changed since your registrations, please notify the league under the "Contact us" icon on our website. 

The decision to disband was debated vigorously due to numerous concerns, the main one being the inability to lease a game field for this season at any of the local High Schools.  The area High Schools had a major amount of commitments during the time frame we needed.  Playing down into a lesser environment would not be satisfactory to players nor acceptable to the league.

One High School was still in discussion but was only available if we were to let the school run the concession for their profit.  That would leave the League only the gate fee where we charge adults , never school age children.  Gate fees alone, especially since all youth activities have noticed an alarming trend of non-parent participation would be too minimal to survive with.  The loss of concession revenue would have been hazardous to a league that as a Non-Profit was not sponsored by outside sources and was held to a tight budget that has continuously kept this league out of debt. 

Income from player's registrations barely covered the ever increasing fees for practice and game sites, equipment, game jerseys that were given to players yearly, trophies and insurance.  Continual efforts were made to schedule this season right up to the last minute.  As a League, we have prided ourselves in being highly organized and recognized that we could not allow ourselves to fall into disarray and debt as we have observed other leagues do. 

Consideration was also given to the major struggle to retain shrinking number of players due to hysteria regarding youth football in particular along with the increase of local and national football start-ups in the area.  All groups have been effected, hurting players and the game which we don't want to see continue. 

We would've continued to work tirelessly, for the yearly 250 plus players of our community if it had not been for all of the above.  A unanimous decision was made not to turn our private program over to another individual, group, or league.  Fees will be returned, all debts settled and remaining equipment donated to struggling organizations as their need determines. 

We now close the Naples Football League with thanks to the many volunteer Board members, Coaching staff, Field and concession workers who have supported the Leagues efforts on behalf of the players, parents and guardians of Collier County.  We wish everyone well with your future football endeavors. 

                                                       Outgoing Board Members
 Craig Hardin, Suzanne Hoffman Perez, Chris Thrushman, David Hoffman and Tony Perez
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